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Youth Programs


Youth ProgramsTips for bowlers who want to compete in college:
College bowling is amazing fun and a chance to compete all across the country against the nations top teams and bowlers. However there are somethings you need to work on and be ready for before you can join in on the action...

1. Study - college bowling test not only your ability on the lanes but also in the classroom. Take school serious and the opions will be endless for you. After all your going to college for a degree, bowling is just sometime you do while your there.

2. Spares - all college bowling is done on harder sport lane conditions. While on typical league patterns striking is the name of the game, in college tournaments with long formats and ever changing lanes the spare shooting game will pull you ahead or push you behind.

3. Take the ACT or SAT as much as possible - college isnt cheap and when your done bowling the loans you may have to take out will still be there. So be prepared and take those test as much as you can. A few extra points could lead to a lot of extra dollars.

4. Be a team player - while much of our youth bowling career is spent competing as an individual college bowling is a true team sport. Take your time to learn to be a better teammate, help the people around you with lane conditions and always do your best to be a positive influence to those bowling with you.

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Want to see if U of L is for you

To visit with the U of L bowling teams contact the people below. All interested bowlers are welcome to attend a practice with the team if they like and for those of you who cant we can set up a meeting between you and the coach. Also if you come for a campus visit we can have a bowling team memeber meet you and help show you around.

Men's Team: Justin Brown

                   Garrett Hillerich


Women's Team: Jen Corbet